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         Claims for Non-Claims Managers


Roughly 75% of premiums are paid out by the typical P&C insurance company in loss and loss adjustment expenses. What better imperative does a Product Manager have to understand how a Claims organization works?

"Claims for Non-Claims Managers" is an integrated view of the insurance business from both a Claims and a Product Management perspective. Presented and developed by experts in Claims and Product Management from industry leading companies, this course highlights primary areas of miscommunication, conflicting objectives, and improper performance management - and how to address those issues in ways that drive growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Many Product Management and Executive initiatives can wreak havoc within the Claims organization. These projects impact staffing, loss adjustment expenses, and claims payments. This seminar presents clear examples of these scenarios and how to design successful initiatives that improve growth, profitability, and customer service. Further, company leaders will gain a clearer understanding of the downstream ramifications of their decisions. Finally, attendees will gain insight into the inner workings of well-managed and well-led Claims organizations. Much of the potential "mystery" of what goes on in Claims day-to-day, including how decisions are made, will become clear.

During this one-day seminar you will learn:

  • How pricing, segmentation, and rate revision decisions impact the Claims Department
  • How to communicate with Claims, including how to understand and use their language
  • How to set and manage the company's priorities (and to work with Claims to ensure strategies map to product plans)
  • How to use industry trend and other information to help Claims manage more strategically
  • How to identify and incorporate key Claims data into product design and rating decisions
As you understand more about Claims, you will become a more effective leader within your business

A full agenda for the seminar is provided below.

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Seminar Delivery Team

For the "Claims for Non-Claims Managers" seminar, Tim Nee will teach this seminar with the assistance of the Claims Options, LLC team. Experienced developers of seminar and training materials, the Claims Options, LLC team also develops the technology products needed to succeed in today's demanding and dynamic claims environment. For more on their backgrounds, please visit the Claims Options, LLC website at www.claimsoptions.com.

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Dates and Locations

Available at your location. Contact TEACH for more information on pricing. 

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Seminar Agenda

1. What do leaders want to know about Claims?
          a. Common problems defined
          b. The language of Claims
2. Reporting and performance management
          a. Claims view in detail
          b. Product Management reporting
3. Operations management for Claims
          a. Day-to-day measurements
          b. Claims quality management
          c. A day in the life of a Claims Adjuster
          d. A day in the life of a Claims Manager
4. How to build rapport with Claims
          a. When, how, and how often
          b. Traveling with an appraiser
          c. File Review: not as boring as you think
          d. File Review: how it impacts your pricing decisions
5. Cost control
          a. Managing LAE without hurting loss cost
          b. The value of Customer Service in Claims and retention
6. Product Manager actions and how they impact Claims
          a. Frequency data and Claims staffing management
          b. Severity data and Claims performance management
          c. Practical applications of price segmentation on Claims
7. Aligning performance management
          a. What data a manager needs from Claims
          b. What data Claims wants, but struggles to obtain
          c. How Product Management can help Claims get the right data and align performance management

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Seminar Schedule

Day 1:
Morning session: 8:00AM - Noon
Lunch break: 12:00 - 1:00PM
Afternoon session: 1:00 PM - 5:00PM
Morning and afternoon breaks: 5 minutes per hour and one 15 minute break per session

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What Attendees Will Learn
  1. How and why improving Product/Claims communication is likely to drive profitable growth.
  2. Key ways in which a Claims manager can impact results.
  3. How to use Claims information to improve product development and analysis.
  4. The key steps a Claims staff must take to impact the business every day.
  5. What to look for in a file and how to make the right decisions as a result.
  6. Which data to monitor in order to manage the business for success.
  7. How to build the right rapport and interactions between the Claims and Product departments (and how to create the incentives associated with long-term success)
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Who Should Attend
  • Product managers, underwriting managers, marketing managers and others who need to understand what Claims folks are doing...and why...and how that impacts your company
  • Actuarial trainees, analysts and support staff as well as product, pricing and rate analysts...in short, anyone who helps to set rates, designs products, or sells products
  • Sales leaders and staff who wonder why their company does not simply pay every claim
  • Marketing leaders and staff who wonder just what it means to provide excellent claims products to their customers
  • Anyone who works with actuaries and wants to better understand what they do and why
  • Anyone with questions about how claims and claims management operate
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Continuing Education

Based on past seminar experience, this type of seminar has qualified for 8 hours of CPE credit. However, each accreditation group has unique rules. For information on other continuing education credit, please contact our office directly.

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