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Every registration is for a single individual viewing the seminar alone. Sharing the seminar with another person or entity is not permitted. Printing or any form of electronic recording or reproduction using any media or device is prohibited. The User agrees to notify TEACH Insurance, LLC in writing within 72 hours of identifying any violations of this Agreement.

The User is responsible for all information technology and technical issues. TEACH Insurance, LLC does not provide technical support for the product. The User will not hold TEACH Insurance, LLC liable for the impact of any viruses, malware, or other software on the registrantís computer system or network. In all cases, a full refund of the amount of the registration fee shall be the sole compensation for any liability by TEACH Insurance, LLC., and TEACH Insurance, LLC shall not be responsible for any consequential damages.

TEACH Insurance, LLC has the right to cancel any registration and provide a refund at any time for any reason. TEACH Insurance, LLC is not required to provide a full or partial refund to any who has initiated the course or for any registration made more than one day prior to the date a refund is requested in writing. All disputes will be handled solely at TEACH Insurance, LLCís sole discretion.

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