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When you boil it down, an insurance product is a series of promises – some by the carrier, some by the customer – that result in the transfer of risk from one party (the consumer or commercial customer) to another party (the underlying insurance carrier). The insurance policy is the vehicle (the “contract”) by which the terms of this risk transfer are governed. Yet, many insurance professionals report that they either have not read the contract or would benefit by understanding it better.

This course provides an overview of the development of the insurance industry as well as the key parts of auto, home, and other common insurance contracts. Designed by seasoned insurance leaders, this online class can be taken in a series of discrete sections, each lasting 30-45 minutes. Following each section is a short quiz to help review learnings from the course.

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A two-day seminar in which you will learn the skills required to set your own prices without an actuary.
February 10-11, 2020
August 3-4, 2020

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February 12-13, 2020
August 5-6, 2020

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A half-day event focusing on the impact that telematics will have on your pricing, your product design, and your company.
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Non-Claims Managers
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