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Usage-based insurance (UBI)...pay-as-you-drive (PAYD)...pay-how-you-drive (PHYD)...what do all three of these have in common?

They are all iterations of insurance telematics. And, each involves asking your customers to trade (a bit of) their privacy in exchange for a more personal (and in many cases, differently priced) insurance experience.

Making Sense of Telematics is a 1/2-day webinar that will help you understand the practical impacts and strategic changes telematics will bring to the personal and commercial vehicle insurance industries.

For years, insurance executives have said "Telematics will make an impact…someday." That day has come.Today, a handful of large carriers with telematics programs in market are seeing the impact telematics can make. Progressive's Snapshot tool is a multi-billion dollar product, arguably the fastest growing major insurance carrier in the US all by itself. Soon, many smaller carriers will jump into the market to protect their market share, premiums, and profits. Those carriers who sit on the sidelines risk being adversely selected against as competitors begin to win the more profitable risks.

In this seminar, we will share our perspectives on the key aspects of telematics, including:
  • The market for insurance telematics
  • The technology supporting telematics
  • The transformative impact on pricing and product design
  • Marketing, sales, and customer service impacts
  • Intellectual property considerations
  • The future of telematics
For those carriers who are exploring telematics, piloting a program, or are already "in market," now is the time to train your team about how telematics can and will change the way insurance products are designed and marketed. Whether your carrier is a large, national carrier or a small regional or single-state carrier, this course is designed to help you to gain the skills and information necessary to make intelligent, profitable, and growth-oriented decisions that will improve your business.

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Dates and Locations

Available via webinar.  Contact TEACH for more information on pricing. 

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Pricing and Registration

The fee for all seminar attendees is $700. Registration is handled online through this site.

There is a $50 discount for registering and paying more than 45 days in advance, and there is an additional $50 discount for having a group of 2 or more attendees from the same company (applied to the 2nd and subsequent attendees).

At our discretion, seminars booked 7 or fewer days before the event may be surcharged up to $100 if additional seminar costs must be incurred.

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What Attendees Will Learn
  1. What telematics is and why it is important to the future of the motor vehicle insurance industry
  2. The key technologies that underpin telematics
  3. The major factors to consider on whether to build a telematics offering in house or to use a vendor
  4. The key steps to creating a successful telematics program
  5. The principle intellectual property considerations
  6. Key analysis capabilities required to be successful
  7. Critical product, pricing, customer service, marketing, and claims changes to make when implementing a telematics program
  8. The perspectives of current telematics providers on the future of the marketplace
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Who Should Attend

This course is especially relevant for:
  • Current and prospective product managers, market managers, and underwriting managers.
  • Analysts from almost any department
  • C-suite and executive clients from Marketing, Underwriting, Claims, Finance, Compliance, Actuarial, Product Management, Legal and IT who are interested in telematics
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is insurance telematics?
  2. Who should attend this seminar?
  3. What is the seminar fee?
  4. Will this seminar provide the absolute, latest, and most perfect perspective on telematics?
  5. How many telematics providers will be presenting at the seminar?
  6. I have some specific questions I would like to have answered. Can I provide suggested areas to cover in advance?
  7. I did not see the answer to my question here. How can I find more information?

1. What is insurance telematics

We define "insurance telematics" as the use of technology to measure how an individual risk operates. That risk can be a long-haul truck, a passenger car, or a commercial delivery vehicle. Each has different uses, and each generates different insurance risks. Insurance telematics offers an opportunity to generate new and more powerful segmentations of those risk types. For this reason alone, insurance telematics stands ready to revolutionize the industry.
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2. I am considering attending other telematics conferences this year. How is this one different?

Great question, and one we hear frequently. First, if you are tasked with understanding telematics for your carrier, it may be helpful to attend many events to acquire a broad understanding of the industry. Our seminar, "Making Sense of Telematics" focuses on the market growth, product design, and the practical implications of insurance telematics. While some events are focused on sales or networking, this seminar is centered on teaching and learning how - and in some cases whether - to implement a telematics program. We focus on the critical, practical decisions that a company's leadership must make before launching a new program. So, we recommend that our attendees anticipate leaving with a list of action steps for building a successful program.
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3. Who should attend this seminar?

This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of telematics. We have built the seminar around the key questions that product managers, underwriting managers, actuaries, IT professionals, marketers, sales leadership, analysts, and other leaders who are interested in telematics will want to have answered. In addition, we will cover the primary, known legal implications from telematics, and the financial implications sure to result from an investment in a new program. In short, just about any insurance company employee with an interest in telematics can benefit from this seminar.
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4. What is the seminar fee?

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5. Will this seminar provide the absolute, latest, and most perfect perspective on telematics?

No seminar can make the promise of providing a flawless perspective on the future of telematics. Frankly, no one knows for sure what will happen. For our part, we work closely with carriers and providers to understand changes in the industry, and we strive to bring those developments to you. In addition, we know that there are a set of key steps which are critical for each professional to learn about insurance telematics. We strive to bring those lessons to you.
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6. I have some specific questions I would like to have answered. Can I provide suggested areas to cover in advance?

Certainly. We always welcome questions and suggestions - all the better if we have time to research them before the seminar. While we cannot promise to answer every possible question, we do our best to investigate the ones that are submitted in advance. We recommend 2-3 weeks in most cases. And, while we would like to know all of the details of every company's latest insurance telematics program, we face the same ethical and legal restrictions all carriers do when researching their competitors.
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7. I did not see the answer to my question here. How can I find more information?

Please visit our main Frequently Asked Questions page for information on our other seminars. Or, if you are still not able to obtain the information you are hoping to find, please either Contact Us here or call us directly at (804)288-0021 during US East Coast business hours. We are always happy to help.
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